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Philippe Morotti

Philippe Morotti photo Philippe Morotti
  • Rokudan (Head Instructor)

Head Instructor, Head Coach (Advanced/Competitors)

  • Began Judo in 1972
  • Instructor at Hollywood Judo Dojo since 2010
  • Swedish and Scandinavian Champion
  • Member of Swedish National Team (1976-1986)
  • USA Judo Continental Coach
  • USJA Certified Master Rank Examiner
  • Master Coach Instructor for the United States Judo Association
  • ISSA International personal Trainer License

"We aspire to teach traditional Judo as well as modern competitive Judo. Hollywood Judo Dojo is made of people from all ethnicities, all nationalities and different social backgrounds. We all come together as one family at the dojo and I feel proud to a be part of Hollywood Judo Dojo's past, present and of its future."

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