Belt System

When you start out in Judo you will wear a white belt, then follows Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Brown and Black. In order to get promoted, you must attend classes regularly. Your instructor will prepare you for your belt test and let you know when you are ready for the test. There are NO test or belt fees. Promotions can be obtained faster if you are a regular competitor.

Beginner Classes

White - Yellow belt levels

The first thing that you will learn is how to take a fall in various directions.
You will also learn a number of basic techniques, in the form of drills and
different exercises. It's a fun class which also includes a level of fitness.
Sensei Anthony and his teachers assistants run an excellent program.
No previous experience needed. If you have joint problems or any other
medical issues, please consult with a doctor before signing up.

Intermediate Classes

Yellow - Blue blue belt levels

In this class you will embark on a journey of learning more advanced judo
techniques. There will be randori (free sparring) and combination practice as well as a
more intense level of fitness. You will get a chance to participate in local
tournaments if you wish to do so. Sensei Erick and Sensei Juan are very
experienced and they will help you to achieve your goals.

Advanced Classes

Orange - Black belt levels (or instructors permission)

This class is for students who have experienced beginners and intermediate
levels, and for competitors. The pace is high, with advanced drills and more
Randori than in the other classes. Specializing more on favorite personal
techniques, and an in depth study of the art of Judo. Sensei Philippe runs
a tough class, geared to all level of competitors and also to those wanting
to study judo at any advanced level without competing.

Open Randori

Green belt and above (or instructors permission)

This free session is open to all experienced judoka from our dojo and visitors from other dojos as long as they have an active USJA, USJF or USA Judo membership.  Be prepared for a high paced 1 hour randori session where we rotate between tachi-waza rounds and ne-waza rounds.